Demonstration on “Object Clay Modeling”

Demonstration  on “Object Clay Modeling”

Working in three dimensions can be an interesting artistic challenge.  A demonstration was given by the sculptor Mr. Giriraj Sharma, Asstt. Professor Visual Arts Department for a beginner’s guide to creating simple sculptures with clay. Modeling clay is a great way to help children develop their imagination. It works to develop hand-eye coordination. Mr. Sharma gave few instructions in beginning like planning the object to be created by sketching out the design on sketch paper. He told that the objects that are less intricate will be easier to make than more intricate designs. Step by step procedure like laying out of wax paper on a flat table and placement of the clay on it was told by Sir giving the reasons of doing so, the way of preparing the clay to increase its elasticity, rolling and squeezing it on the base or striking the clay with the fists to create the basic shape of the desired object. Instructions and method of giving details by pressing into the clay object using hand fingers and sculpting tools were given by him. To give final touch up and adding details he shave off excess clay with the sculpting stick's carving edge to match the original object in front. Helping students to create clay objects sparked their creativity. This demo at Sculpture studio of Visual arts department was a creative experience to all.