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Intellectual Property Management  Cell


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The IIS University (IISU) has set up an Intellectual Property Management Cell (IPMC) in year 2014. The IIS University has set up a Intellectual Property Management Cell (IPMC) at the University to deal with available and growing knowledge wealth in the University. The IPMC will immensely support the rapidly growing activities on IP education and management in this University.


The IPM Cell provides facilitation to person interested in the matter of IPR. The Cell offered assistance protecting innovation and the Intellectual Property. The IP services including Prior-art search report, patentability opinion, drafting patent specification, preparing filing documents, filing application and follow-up, prosecuting the filed application by responding office action such as FER etc, advisory services on various IPR, IP management, reviewing IP policy of the University, organizing various capacity building workshops/conferences on IPR etc.


As the Cell gains experience, it would also act as a think tank on policy matters related to IPR in India with special emphasis on issues relevant to the local area.


The main objective of an IP Management Cell under academics is to integrate IPR with the education process to enhance the quality of thinking, propagate a culture of regard and respect for IPR, ensure speedy and accurate identification and protection of innovations arising out of the research work carried out in the university, facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology from the university to industry and enhance the scope of their commercialization. The Cell also aims to offer assistance to grass-root innovators in the local area to realize the commercial benefits of their innovations.


Introducing carrier oriented skill development programmes in IPRs

Introducing module on IPR for existing courses

Conducting IP outreach activities

Celebrating World IP Day on 26 April

Counseling on career opportunity in IPR

Career assistance and guidance on preparation for Patent Agent Examination, Trademark Agent Examination TIFAC Women scientists scheme (1 year training on IPR), other IP positions and the required skills

Providing assistance in scientific R&D by providing the latest publication and patents on the subject

Providing prior-art search reports for analyzing Intellectual property

Providing Patentability opinion on invention

Drafting patent specifications

Preparation of documents for filing IP Applications

Filing IP Applications and follow-up thereafter

Course offered





Certificate Course in Patent Law and Practice (semester programme)

Undergraduate students from any stream


Certificate Course in Trademarks, GI & Domain Names (semester programme)

Undergraduate students from any stream


Diploma Course in Intellectual Property Rights and Patents (annual programme)

Student in the final year of undergraduate course in any stream


P.G. Diploma Course in Intellectual Property Rights (semester programme)

Graduate students from any stream

Contact us

Address: ICG Campus, Gurukul Marg, SFS, Mansarovar, Jaipur 302 020

For IP related enquiry contact at: +91-9001130002, 9001120005

IPR Faculty detail: Mr. Pankaj Kumar (IP Attorney)

Cell: 08003099120; email id: