Guest Lecture- Recycling Electronic Waste for E-Clean India

There is a little bit of e-waste in everyone’s life. Even a broken or dead electronic item doesn't look like a scrap/waste. A typical laptop stored at home has 90% probability of making its way to a landfill or being treated in informal and hazardous way.

A guest lecture on “Recycling Electronic Waste for E-Clean India” was organized by CII YI, Jaipur Chapter on 23rd January 2015 in the AV Hall of The IIS University. The speaker on the occasion was Mr. Prateek Goel.

Mr. Prateek Goel is a serial entrepreneur and a disruptive thinker. Starting his entrepreneurial journey from a university dorm room with friends, over the last five years, Prateek has successfully co-founded a Telecom Software Product company, Teramatrix Technologies, catering to clients in India, Bhutan and Africa - Ghana. Inspired to develop a Marketable Product in Social Domain, he is currently steering ZeroWaste to be the pioneer in Electronic Waste Management.  ZeroWaste wants to be the "Simplest way to dispose electronics waste" and is advocating E-Clean India, in sync with Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. ZeroWaste creates an effective channel of collecting dead electronic products and indulges into recycling.

Mr. Prateek enlightened the members about various harmful effects of electronic waste, such as, a cell phone uses 65 elements and releases some of the most toxic chemical if burnt. Burning electronic waste is a common act performed in India by the Junk Dealers (Kabadis). The most important thing the students realized was that they should not dispose e-waste by entrusting it to Junk Dealers, instead, it should deposit it to a ZeroWaste branch or the mobile stores associated with ZeroWaste.

It was a great learning and motivating session for students.