Report: Fine Arts Guild Session Jan- April 2015-16

Report Fine Arts Guild Session Jan- April 2015-16

                Demonstration on craft out of glitters

Craft out of Glitters” demonstration by Mr. Giriraj Sharma (Sr. Asstt. Professor Sculpture) and Mrs. Nirupama Singh (Asstt. Professor Painting) on 19th March 2016, Saturday.

Venue: Drawing & Painting Studio, Visual Arts Department
Time:   Morning–9:45 am



Sir Giriraj Sharma and Madam Nirupama Singh gave a demonstration on how easy the mess free glitter is to and prepare decorative props so quickly. Both the teachers provided various ideas that add a manageable bling that one can commit to. Sir gave a demo on how to handle and neatly cut a biopac or thermocol sheet in any ornamental pattern. Then how to apply glue with the help of brush on sheet’s surface was displayed. Then glitter was sprinkled all over the sticky surface and remaining sparkles were removed.  It was also told that multicolored glitters can also be applied at a same time but with great care. It was left dry and then repeatedly second coat was applied again with thinned-out glue. This simple polka dotted pattern made with glitters. It was sir’s words that “Little spots of glitter might be all you need to add to add a bit of sparkle to your desk, outfit, party, and home. And that Glitter can be used to make anything sparkle, such as holiday candle holders, bangles or bracelets, a pendant, a centerpiece for thanksgiving or any other occasion, or a festival decoration. Super simple to make and can be used to decorate just about anything!” Students were very much excited during demonstration and requested sir to try on their own. Girls actually made balloons and bells and found it easy and quick.



Mr. Giriraj Sharma

Sr. Asstt. Prof Visual Arts Department


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Kanu Priya Rathore

Asstt. Prof Visual Arts Department