A talk by Ms Nivedita Sarda

A meeting of CII YI student’s NET members of The IIS University was held in the AV Hall on 9th September 2014. Ms Nivdita Sarda, who is an Advocate and Chairperson of Chaupal (student’s NET), delivered a talk to the students on this occassion. Ms Nivedita gave an overview about CII YI to the students. She told that YI is an integral part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries). YI involves students from schools and colleges around the country to involve them in leadership, personal development and nation building activities, YI Student’s NET envisions connecting students to the community, the country at large and working towards a movement for "Nation Building".

She also highlighted some of the activities of some other Student NETs from all over India.

It was an interactive session and all students raised their queries and were answered by Ms Nivedita in a friendly manner.