Workshop on “Civic Quotient”

A workshop on Civic Quotient was organized on 2nd February 2015 at The IIS University, Jaipur.

The workshop was organized by CII YI Jaipur Chapter and Indian School of Business (ISB) along with Bharti Institute of Public Policy under the 360 Degree Leadership programme. The workshop was jointly conducted by Professor Rajesh Chakrabarti and Ms. Kaushiki Sanyal.

 Professor Rajesh Chakrabart is the Executive Director of Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Clinical Associate Professor at ISB. He has published quality papers in several international research journals encompassing Finance, Economics & International Business.

 Ms. Kaushiki Sanya is a Senior Analyst at Bharti Institue of Public Policy, ISB. She is leading the Legislative Research Initiative of the Institute.

 The day long training involved following three tentative modules:


1.     Why engage with policy making process?

          2.     What is the policy making process & points at which citizens can engage with it?

          3.     Role of bureaucracy in public policy.

  The purpose of this workshop was to educate the college students about the basic percepts of parliamentary democracy so as to help them engage with the political process & push for better policies and better governance. It is important to channelize the upsurge of political activism in the urban youth in such way that their actions are informed by the basic principles and processes that underpin India’s parliamentary democracy. Otherwise it may cause more harm than good in the long run because governments respond to populist pressures.  

 The workshop was a great learning experience for all the Yuva Chaupal members. Yuva Chaupal will always look forward for such learning and enlightening workshops in times to come.