Vision, Mission, Core Values


  • To create an educated and socially sensitive citizenry that is mindful of their rich cultural heritage and also equipped to adopt and adapt to a dynamic learning-ecosystem 
  • To impart a multidisciplinary and transformative learning experience rooted in indigenous knowledge systems with global relevance, for preparing global change leaders
  • To develop into an inclusive and value-driven institution that focuses on reaching out to the larger community at the regional, national and international levels
  • To empower students and faculty to build and nurture a culture of excellence and innovations in teaching-learning, research and human capital-building for holistic education


  • Continue to evolve as a state-of-the-art University by ensuring excellence in education, applied research and innovation, with a laid emphasis on internationalization
  • Expand skill-development and vocational education, to increase opportunities for employability and entrepreneurship
  • Collaborate with industries, academia, research and professional bodies for bridging gap between academia and industry
  • Construct multi-stakeholder engagement for a productive and sustainable contribution to the wider community
  • Strengthen institutional leadership for fostering academic and administrative autonomy towards creating a mutually enriching and positive learning environment

Core Values

  • Intellectual Excellence and Academic Freedom

The University encourages the pursuit of knowledge, learning and teaching for lifelong intellectual development of students, faculty, and staff, while placing utmost value in the freedom to conduct academic activities, subject to the highest standards of academic integrity.

  • Communication and Teamwork

The University is committed to providing an empowered environment through positive encouragement that promotes collaboration and synergy at all levels to integrate the efforts, resources, knowledge and creativity of all stakeholders while remaining flexible, responsive, and open-minded in developing and delivering programmes

  • Community and Service

The University remains dedicated to promoting outreach activities, community education, and partnerships through shared decision-making based on synergistic interactions among our students, faculty, and staff with the surrounding entities by providing a sustainable environment which is personally and socially enriching.

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

The University continues to value the opportunity to work, learn, and develop in a community that embraces the diversity of individuals and ideas and ensures that our programmes remain innovative and responsive to the ever-changing and diverse needs of the society.

  • Transparency and Accountability

Our commitment extends to our campus and beyond, in a bid to establish a practice of ethical conduct, respect and trust while holding ourselves accountable for our personal and professional responsibilities including continuous assessment of our academic programmes and transparency in our fiscal and operational proceedings.