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Two day National Conference on Women Empowerment: Strategies and Interventions

9-10 March 

Ms. Chanda Asani

Dr. Ruchi Goswami

Dr. Pragya Sharma

Sh. Yogendra Durlabhji, Director SDMH, Jaipur

Justice S.N. Bhargava, Chancellor, The IIS University


Guest Lecture: Dalit Feminism

21 October 2013, 9.30-10.30

Departments of History, Sociology, English Literature, Pub Ad and JMC

Ms Girija Kaviraj

Ms. Pragnya Joshi, Social Science Researcher


Guest lecture - Oh Womania! Historical and Sociological perspective of Women in Rajasthan

September 9, 2013, 2.30-10.30

Departments of History, Sociology and JMC

Ms Chanda Asani

Dr Dushyant, Author of Striyaan-Parde se Prajatantra tak


Guest Lecture : Problems of Domestic Workers

August 26th 2013


Population Education Club, Depts. of JMC, Socio & Economics

Ms. Ruchi Goswami & Ms. Chanda Asani

Ms Meva Bharti,



Guest Lecture : Creative Writing

7 March 2013

Departments of History

Ms. Chanda Asani

Mr. Abhishekh Kumar, Publishing Officer,


How To Do Research


26 July 2012


27 July 2012

9 August 2012

Textile and Clothing



Dr Radha Kashyap

Ms. Chanda Asani

Ms. Chanda Asani, Lecturer Women’s Studies


Women’s Health With Women’s Studies Perspective


16 August 2012:

17 August 2012:

4 September 2012


Department of Commerce

Department of Science

B Ed and M Ed students and faculty

Ms. Chanda Asani

Ms. Chanda Asani

B Ed Faculty

Ms. Chanda Asani, Lecturer Women’s Studies


Series Lecture on Origin and Working of Census of India & Representation of Women’s Work in Census

16-17 September 2011

Department of History, Economics and NSS

Ms Chanda Asani

Mr Avinash Sharma, ACDO,


Motivational Factors in Women’s Movement

6 August 2011

Department of Sociology and NSS

Ms Chanda Asani

Ms Mamta Jaitly, Director, Vividha,


 Work and experience of a sarpanch/pradhaan (woman) in the background of 73rd Amendment

25 March 2011

Department of Public Administration

Ms Chanda Asani

Smt Urmila Sharma, Pradhan,


Health Services and RCH

21 February 2011

Department of Home Science

Ms Chanda Asani

Prof. Shiv Chandra Mathur


Women and Disability

4 February 2011

Department of Sociology

Ms Chanda Asani

Ms Rainu Singh, Director, Diksha Organisation,


Women’s Movement

21 January 2011


Ms Chanda Asani

Ms Mamta Jaitly


Gender and Women’s Rights


# Female Feticide and Sex Selective Abortions

13 February 2010


Ms Chanda Asani

Dr Sharad Rathore, HOD History,

Dr. Meeta Singh,



Sex and Gender

6 February 2010


Ms Chanda Asani

Ms Anita Mathur, Freelance Researcher