Women Through Ages

Guest Lecture on ‘Women Through the Ages’ by Dr. Amrita Choudhary


Ms Chanda Asani introduced Dr. Amrita Choudhary.

Dr. Amrita Choudhary took the students through a historical journey from Harappa society. For Rigvedic period she quoted RC Mazumdar. Patriarchal power is evident in history writing by British and nationalist historians and there is exaggeration of position of women. In pastoral society institution of marriage did not exist. In later Vedic period swayamvar was not a choice by sport, a conditional option. The abduction of Amba, Ambika and Ambalika brings forth that might was always right. Through Abhigyan Shakutantala we know that the urge to control women was inherent in patriarchy. Manusmriti suggests women lower than slave. Through a prevalent story where women’s heads get cut and joined she explained how stories emphasize women are bodies men are intellects. Stories are so powerful that constitution becomes un-accessible. Bidai songs are all value added. Women get through streedhan what is given in marriage but they do not inherit property!

Graduate students of History, Women’s Studies, Political Science and Post Graduate students of Sociology through an interactive session imbibed how history represented women through ages.