Medical Center

The University maintains an “Infirmary” with a qualified nursing Superintendent on duty throughout the day to provide and facilitate medical assistance and fitness counseling to all the students and staff members.The Infirmary at the University is equipped with the necessary first-aid facilities such as beds, observation table, stretcher, wheel chair, weighing machine, Sphygmomanometer and other requisite medical aids. A Homeopathic doctor and a physician visit the campus on a daily basis. Also doctors with speciality are available on call at any time of the day as per the requirement.

The University has also signed an MoU with two reputed Hospitals in the neighborhood to provide medical facilities to all teaching, non-teaching staff and the students, wherein;

  • Discount can be availed on OPD Consultations, investigations and indoor bills for medicines, consumables and implants.
  • Ambulance is provided free of cost to the hostellers in case of emergency.
The IIS university also organizes various free camps to promote a lifestyle that would result in the prevention of diseases & promotion of greater longevity. It includes various
  • Eye-checkup 
  • Blood donation 
  • Immunization camps