I. The Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship 
The Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) Scheme for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes is formulated and funded by the Ministry of Social Justice & empowerment and Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The scheme is open to candidates who belong to Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe and wish to pursue higher studies such as regular and full time M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology. There are 1333 slots for Scheduled Caste and 667 slots for Scheduled Tribe candidates every year for all the subjects. 3% fellowships are reserved for the Physically Handicapped SC/ST candidates as per provision laid down by the Govt. of India.
TARGET GROUP: The SC/ST Candidates who have passed the Post Graduate examination in concerned subject and who desire to pursue full-time research without JRF of UGC-NET or UGC-CSIR NET.
ELIGIBILITY: The candidate should belong to SC/ST and should have passed the PostGraduate examination. The selection will be made on the basis of the merit of the candidates. The candidate must get himself/herself registered for M.Phil./Ph.D at the first available opportunity but not later than within a period of two years from the receipt of the award letter. This period is not extendable. However, the actual payment of fellowship will be made with effect from the date of joining only.
Applications are invited in the prescribed format once in a year through advertisement in leading newspapers and Employment News. The same is also uploaded in the UGC Website www.ugc.ac.in The selection is made on the basis of merit and as per the procedure of the Commission.
II. Dr. Kothari’s Postdoctoral Fellowship
Experience in other parts of the world has shown that university faculty is best inducted from among candidates who had a year or two of post-doctoral training and is generally considered an essential requirement. Leading research groups around the world usually have a good mix of post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students with the former bringing in a level of experience and maturity. However, in our country post-doctoral research culture has not caught on and is practiced only sporadically in a few selected places. Ironically, Ph.Ds from leading institutions in India, particularly in basic sciences prefer seeking post-doctoral positions overseas. Within the country, a pdf position is mistakenly viewed as a mere parking opportunity while scouting for a regular appointment. With our higher education system poised for rapid and massive expansion in the years ahead and the establishment of many new science and technology institutions on the anvil, requirement of potential faculty with pdf experience will be very substantial. Thus, a `home grown' pdf program can be expected to partly redeem the expected short fall in trained faculty required for HEI's. It is in this context that UGC's initiative to launch a prestigious pdf initiative, named after an illustrious scientist, is important and timely and fills a widely felt void.
Eligibility and duration:
Candidates who have either received a Ph. D degree or submitted their Ph. D thesis are eligible to apply. When selected, those holding the Ph. D degree will be directly awarded the named pdf. Those who have submitted their Ph. D thesis may be awarded a `bridging fellowship' (with marginally reduced stipend) until they are formally awarded the Ph. D degree.The fellowship will be awarded on a yearly basis with renewal/termination clause on the basis of pdf mentor/peer group appraisal. However, the maximum duration of the pdf award would be 3 yrs. Candidates should give an undertaking while availing the award, along with the endorsement of the research mentor, that they would stay in place for a minimum of six months.
III. IISU Fellowship:
The  Research Promotion  Committee of IIS (Deemed to be University) awards two fellowships in each of  the following faculties:-
a.  Arts and  Social Sciences
b.  Commerce  and  Management
c.  Science
The  fellowship  is  awarded  for  a  period  of  two  years, initially  for  a period  of  one  year. The research promotion committee after  reviewing  the  progress after one year, will recommend for  continuance  of  fellowship, in case  progress is found to be satisfactory.
Eligibility Criteria:
i) Only full time Ph.D. students/research scholars, registered in IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur are  eligible for fellowship.
ii) The  criteria  for grant of fellowship  will be  based on need cum merit.
iii) Only  those  candidates  will  be   eligible   to  receive the fellowship  whose  parents annual  income  does not exceed  Rs. 5.00  lacs per  year. 
Selection Procedure:
i)   Applications received from the  candidates will be screened and  the  cases of  
     eligible  candidates  will be  placed  before  selection committee
ii)  Selection  will  be   made  through  interview,  wherein  due weightage  will  
     be  given  to  the   academic  index  of  the candidate
iii) For  merit   considerations,   the   ‘academic   index’   of  the candidates   will   
     be   calculated   giving   weightage   to   the marks  obtained in the  Masters'  
     degree examination in the subject and  performance in the  pre  Ph.D.  course   
     work (or M.Phil Examination in the subject) in the following Proportion:
a)  Master’s degree Exam. : 40%
b)  Pre Ph.D. course work/ : 60% M.Phil Examination
iv) Merely  fulfilling  the   eligibility  criteria  may   not   entitle  a candidate for 
     being called for interview.
v)  The  formal  letter  will  be  issued  only  after  submission  of essential 
vi) The   research  scholars   getting   JRF/SRF or   any   other fellowship  
     from   any   funding  agency  and   those  having other  source of Income  are
     not  eligible for the  fellowship
vii) An under   taking  will  also  be  taken form  each   Research scholars  to  the  
      effect  that  they  are  not  drawing  JRF/SRF or any  other  fellowship and  do
      not have  any  other  source of Income.
viii) The  students awarded fellowship by the  University will be required  to  take  
       at  least  12 classes  per  week  and  would be  required  to  stay  full  time  in  
       the University  for  other  Academic  Work. For this  purpose their  attendance  
       will be maintained in the  respective departments.
ix)   Candidates  will  be  required  to  submit  Income   certificate of  parent  form 
       their   employer   (or   pay   slip)   or  from revenue  officer  not  below  the  
       rank  of  a  Tehsildar  or  a copy   of  Form   No.   16  or  Income Tax Return   
       of  the previous year.
Procedure for Applying the fellowship:
Only full time Ph.D. Students/Research scholars registered in IIS (Deemed to be University),  Jaipur  are  eligible  to  apply  for fellowship under the scheme on the format prescribed by the University,  which  is  available  on   the   website  of IIS (Deemed to be University). The Application should be duly forwarded by the Supervisor and  the  Head  of the  Department. The  candidate will  be  required   to   appear  for   an   interface   before  the Selection Committee constituted for the award of fellowships.