Self exploration leads to self improvement. Keeping in mind the different dimensions of today's world and an overall development of the students, the college has introduced various guilds based on the essentials of personality development and individual excellence.The aim is not to create a self-engrossed individual with a spirit of team work. Thus, the motive of each guild is to help inculcate the potential, latent or patent, of each student to the optimum, thereby enhancing the ethos of our institution.

The Guild Functions with the following objectives:
• To engage students in their music hobbies.
• To expose them to the melody of music world and its nuances.
• To help them realize their creative potential.
• To prepare them for performances.
• To encourage them to participate in college level cultural events.
• To facilitate learning music Vocal (light) and instrumental.

Members:  Dr. Ruchi Jain and Dr. Neha Batra

Activities conducted by Cultural Guild
Activities Conducted during the academic session 2018-19
EventDateResource Person / Chief GuestReportGallery
Demonstration on “Introduction to Contemporary MusicAugust 20, 2018Mr. Gaurav Saxena & Mr. Vinay ShramaView Report 
Tapping To The Beats: Semi Classical Dance WorkshopFeb 19-20, 2019Ms Gauri SwakulView Report 
Workshop on Basics of Recording TechniquesMarch 08-09, 2019Mr. Jinu GeorgeView Report 



The fashion design guild is designed to provide students with the education and experience necessary for a professional career in fashion designing. The program of study is designed to introduce the students to the broad spectrum of industry, from fashion designing, pattern making, jewellery making, figure sketching, merchandising, marketing, and garment production.

1.    To prepare entrepreneurial skill amongst the students
2.    To make beautiful articles in striking design and bright colours.
3.    To develop the students intellectual and creative design skills.
4.    To enrich the students with knowledge of various textures.

Member: Aditi Singh, Garima Tiwari, Isheeta Chaturvedi, Poorvi Agarwal, Sunetra Datt, Vipin Kumari

Activities conducted by Fashion Design Guild

Activities Conducted during the academic session 2018-19

EventDateResource Person / Chief GuestReportGallery
Demonstration-Activity on Best out of Waste28th July 2018Ms. RajDholiwalView Report 

Demonstration-Activity on Ribbon Embroidery

21st September 2018Ms.NeetuVyasView Report 
Lecture on Career Opportunities in Fashion

6th October 2018

Ms. Shruti MishraView Report 
Workshop on Marbling2nd November 2018Ms.Sheetal ChitlangiaView Report 
Demonstration- Activity on Shibori

12th February 2019

Ms. Raj DholiwalView Report 
Workshop on Creative Learning5th March 2019Ms. Reena BhatiaView Report 



Textile guild was founded in the year 1998. It aims to enhance the creative skills of the students and to interpret those skills on fabrics.
  1.  To prepare entrepreneurial skills amongst the students.
  2.  To make beautiful articles in striking design and bright colors.
  3.  To develop the students intellectual and creative design skills.
  4.  To enrich the students with the knowledge of various textures.

Activities conducted by Textile Guild




The purpose of this guild is to make the students learn various innovative and creative techniques such as ceramic painting, murals, stainglass painting, greeting card making, pot making.

Member: Dr. Nirupama Singh and Ms. Sheetal Chitlangiya

Activities conducted by Fine Arts Guild

Activities Conducted during the Academic Session 2018-19
EventDateResource Person / Chief GuestReportGallery
Selfie Prop Making Competition18th March 2019-View Report 
Marbling Workshop1st April 2019Ms. Sheetal ChitlangiyaView Report 
This guild has been created to inculcate in students, the talent of preserving, protecting, and maintaining a good home. Lectures, demonstrations, and workshops on various topics related to home management as well as interior space designing are held and eminent persons of the concerned field are invited.
Member: Isha Sukhwal
 Activities conducted by Home Management Guild
Activities Conducted during the Academic Session 2019-20
EventDateResource Person / Chief GuestReportGallery
Plant Decoration12 Feburary, 2020{C}{C}{C}{C}Dr. Aditi R.KhandelwalView Report 
The ecofriendly association was constituted in the year 2005. It is a committee working in the field of environmental conservation and awareness. Students and faculty member’s work together to attain the goals of the committee. The major roles & functions of the association are:
1)To organize campaigns like- Save Energy, Clean Campus, etc
2)To create awareness among students on campus, especially regarding the protection of environment through popular lectures and training programmes.
3)To organize excursions and visits to national parks, sanctuaries and research organizations.
4)To create a ‘clean and green consciousness’ among students through various innovative methods.
Activities conducted by Eco Friendly Association



The literary and debating guild of the University called 'The IVY League' represents the literary and debating talents of IIS (Deemed to be University). It seeks to establish connectivity among students through activities and discussions that are held on a monthly basis which include group discussions, JAM sessions and debates.

The guild thus hones students' communication skills and helps them learn the intricacies of public speaking.