Awareness session on Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle

Title of the event:Awareness session on Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle

Organizing Department:Department of sociology and centre for women’s studies, IISU

Type of Event:Guest lecture

Date: 11 September 2021

Mode:online session via zoom

Name of Resource person:Ms. Archita

No. of Participants:50

Name of the activity Coordinator: Angana Goswami

Name of Collaborating Agency: Sanjeevani Life beyond Cancer (NGO)

Objective of the seminar: Create Awareness among the society about Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle.

The Centre for Women’s Studies and Department of sociology in collaboration with Sanjeevani life beyond cancer (NGO) organized an awareness session on the topic of Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle. This NGO is working in the support of the cancer patient. Speaker of the session was Ms.Archita. She is ……….

She explained about what is cancer and what are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. She also emphasised how eating a healthy diet and making a few lifestyle changes can reduce your overall chances of getting cancer. She shared dietary guideline for cancer prevention. After that Ruby Ahluwalia, Founder of Sanjeevani Life beyond Cancer, organisation shared two video presentations on healthy lifestyle. At the end of the session a small quiz was conducted. This was a very informative session which raised the awareness level of participant about cancer.