DepartmentDatePlace of visit/tour
Home Science8-Nov-14Lotus Dairy Plant, Jaipur
NSS31-Oct-14National Unity Day, School Visits, Rally, Oath Taking
Sociology 14&31 Oct-2014Kotzevar Village, Mahla
CII Yi13-Oct-14Lotus Dairy factory
Biotechnology9-Oct-14Morarka Organic Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur 
Home Science6-Oct-14Anganwadi, Jaipur
Home Science30-Sep-14Visit to an NGO- Ladli
FSG26-Sep-14SEBI visit
FSG23-Sep-14RBI visit
Home Science22-Sep-14Hotel Country Inn and Suits
Home Science21-Sep-14Saraswati Anchal
HRB IB19-Sep-14Kajaria Ceramics, Bhiwadi
NSS13-Sep-14Dadabari Basti Visit Unit I
NSS13-Sep-14Badarwas Basti Visit Unit II
NSS7-Sep-14Visit to an NGO- Apna ghar
FTT23-Aug-14Visit  to  Sikar House and Material Sourcing
FTM14-08-14 Forhex Fair Visit 
Geo14-Aug-14Field Visit to Indian Meteorological Department, Jaipur
Biotechnology12-Aug-14DST- Science Park, Jaipur
Sociology 25-Mar-14Rajya Mahila Sadan, Sanganer
CWS25-Mar-14Rajya Mahila Sadan, Sanganer
Botany22-Mar-14Nahargarh Wild Life Sanctuary, Jaipur
Sociology 19-Mar-14Field Visit an NGO- Azad Foundation
Home Science15-Feb-14Hotel Fern
NSS29-Jan-14Dadabari Basti Visit 
Economics 17-21-Jan-2014Visit to Jaipur Literature Fest 2014
English20-Jan-14Visit to the Annual Jaipur Literature Festival 
CII Yi17-Jan-14Visit to NGO-Apna ghar 
Chemistry3-Dec-13Field visit- Team testing laboratory, Sitapura
Home Science22-Oct-13Visit to Anganwadi
Home Science21-Oct-13Lotus Dairy Plant
NSS19-Oct-13Dadabari Basti Visit Literacy Project
FTT17-Oct-13 Visit to event Chaupad-14, IICD
FTT7-Oct-13Digambar Printing Unit,Jaipur 
NSS4-Oct-13Korean Youth Visit and Cultural Exchange Programme
Sociology1-Oct-13Field Visit- Village Barwara near Manoharpura NH 8 in collaboration with Lok  Sohabgi Sansthan(NGO)
Home Science21-Sep-13Visit to Saraswati Anchal
Poltical Science6-Sep-13Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
Poltical Science6-Sep-13Visit to Sansad Bhawan, New Delhi 
NSS24-Aug-13Orientation Visit to Dadabari Basti for enrollment and registration.
Botany10-Aug-13World Forestry Arboretum, Jaipur
NSS23-Mar-13Visit of Youth Delegation from Egypt and Azerbaijan to Jal Mahal, Ramgarh
FTT16-Mar-13Ocean Collection Export House, Jaipur
NSS2-Mar-13Visit to Mother Teresa Home 
Sociology14-Feb-13Field Visit- Kunda Kacchi Basti
Home Science14-Feb-13Visit to Hotel Country Inn
FTT9-Feb-13Cheer Sagar Export 
Zoology8-Feb-13Visit to Police Forensic Lab, Jaipur
Economics 3-Jan-13Visit to the RBI
Home Science8-Oct-12Visit to Jaipur Dairy
NSS6-Oct-12Nukkad Natak – visit to NGO
NSS1-Oct-12Visit to Prem Niketan 
FSG22-Aug-12RBI , Jaipur
Chemistry11-Aug-12R.K.Marbles Pvt. Ltd., Kishangarh
Home Science10-Aug-12Visit to Jaipur Dairy Plant
Physics 9-Aug-12Omega electronics, Malviya industrial area, Jaipur
Zoology22-May-12Veterinary Drug Testing Lab, Jaipur
Economics 2-Mar-12RBI , Jaipur
HRB IB 21-23 Feb-2012Udaipur- Vedanta, HRH Group of hotels and Palace on Wheels .
Sociology17-Feb-12Field Visit- Dadabari Kacchi Basti
NSS18-Feb-12Saket Hospital ICU 
FTT13-Jan-12Crescent Paper Industry 
FTT13-Jan-12Saakshi Exports, Jaipur
Geo12-Jan-12Village survey at Thanagazi, Alwar,
FTT10-Jan-12Siddarth Organisation Limited, Malviya Industrial Area, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 
Chemistry9-Nov-11Shree Krisna Rolling mills Jhotwara
Home Science21-Oct-11Visit to Old Age Home- Prem Niketan
Home Science18-Oct-11Visit to Public health Engineering Department
Physics9-Oct-11Birla Planetarium
Home Science27-Sep-11Visit to Aanganwadi
Home Science27-Sep-11Visit to Old Age Home- Prem Niketan
Home Science27-Sep-11Visit to Anganwadi
NSS24-Sep-11Visit to Mother Teresa Home
JMC20-Aug-14Visit to Akshay patra to observe Mid day Meal Project
JMC19-20 Sep-2011Two days workshop followed by a filed visit to the village Tilonia
Home Science15-Sep-11Visit to Home Décor Exhibition
Botany27-Aug-11Jal Mahal, Ramgarh
Home Science13-Aug-11Visit to Saraswati Aanchal Day Care Centre
FSG10-Aug-11Visit to Operations, Credit and Forex Exchange divisions of Axis Bank
FTM10-Aug-11Visit to Operations, Credit and Foreign Exchange divisions of Axis Bank
FTT1-Aug-11Arch Academy, ATDC Malviya Nagar
FTM27-Jul-11Visit to Printing and Packing unit of M/S Ratan Textiles (Export House)
Sociology23-Feb-11Field Visit- I-India,Ajmer road,Jaipur
Home Science12-Feb-11Visit to Balika Sadan
FTT1-2 Feb 2011NIFT,NID, Institute of Home Economic & Pearl Academy of Fashion,Delhi 
FSG18-Jan-11RBI, Jaipur
FTT17-Jan-11Saakshi Exports
Home Science15-Sep-11Visit to Home Décor exhibition, Jaipur
NSS27-Nov-10Donation and visit to Shishu Grah 
Home Science13-Oct-10Visit to Crech- Mumma's Love
NSS12-Oct-10Visit to State Commision for Women
NSS11-Oct-10Visit to Balika Sadan, C-scheme, Jaipur
FTT10-Oct-10Jaipur Prints
Chemistry9-Oct-10Saree Prints, Jaipur
Chemistry24-Sep-10BISR, Jaipur
Home Science21-Sep-10Visit to NICU, Saket Hospital
Home Science16-Sep-10Visit to Old Age Home- Shubh Shanti Niwas
Home Science15-Sep-10Visit to Preschool center-Eurokids, Mansarovar
FTT21-Aug-10Nitav Export House RIICO Industrial area
FTT16-Aug-10FOREX Fair Bilrla Auditorium
HRB IB 13-Aug-10Forex fair 2010 
Home Science17-Apr-10Visit to Sweekar-Training and Rehab center
NSS10-Apr-10Visit to Mother Teresa Home 
Physics13-Feb-10Jantar Mantar
HRB IB 25-Jan-10Visit to Literature Festival, Jaipur
Home Science9-Nov-09Visit to Aanganwadi
Geo3-Oct-09Indian Institute of Resources Management Research (IIRMR)
Home Science23-Sep-09Visit to Umang
Home Science9-Jan-09Visit to Kids Club
NSS5-Sep-09Visit to Dadabari Kachchi Basti 
NSS22-Aug-09Visit to Yaadgar – Traffic Police Control Room 
NSS8-Aug-09Visit to Gyan Vidya Mandir School 
Placement11-Oct-14SEBI Jaipur
Placement22-Sep-14Hotel Country Inn, Jaipur
Placement20-Sep-14Reliance Retail
Business Studies 18-19 Sep-2014Delhi- KOD
HRB IB11-13 Sep- 2014Industrial Tour to Delhi & Gurgaon
Placment7-Apr-14 Reliance Trends, Jaipur 
Geo17 & 22 Dec-2013Amritsar and Chandigarh 
Economics 29-30-Mar-2014Education tour 
Business Studies8-Aug-2013 Ray-Ban, Orient Synta, Bhiwadi
Pub Ad 1-Aug-13Educational tour
ATG4-7 Apr-2013BSL Limited, Mahi Bajaj Sagar Hydro Plant
Placement14-Feb-13Industrial Tour
HRB IB 7-13 Feb-2014Industrial tour to Amritsar-Chandigarh
Placement21-Sep-12Industrial Tour
Business Studies9-Aug-12Kajaria Ceramics, Bhiwadi
Placement3-Aug-12VGL, Jaipur
EOC4-5 February 2012Study tour to Ranthamabore , Bisalpur Dam and Kalptaru Power Plant
Placement1-Oct-11Infosys BPO, Jaipur 
Placement8-Jan-11Infosys BPO, Jaipur 
Biotechnology14-17 Dec-2010 Study tour to 51st Annual International Symposium on ‘Recent Advances in Cross-Disciplinary Microbiology: Avenues and Challenges’ and International Workshop on rRNA Sequencing, Phylogeny and Next Generation Genome Sequencing’ of AMI (Association of Microbiologists of India) organized at BITS, Mesra, Ranchi.
Biotechnology 9–11 Dec-2010  Study tour to 30th Conference of STOX & Symposium on strategies for safety study requirements for herbal formulations at Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi and to research laboratory in Dept. of Toxicology at Jamia Hamdard University.
Placement1-Sep-10Genpact JLN Marg, Jaipur 
Biotechnology19-20 Jan-2010Study tour to the two day ‘National Seminar on Frontiers of BioSciences’ organized by Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jagatpura
Biotechnology21st – 22nd  January 2012Educational trip -International Conference for Cancer Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment
Biotechnology1st – 3rd December 2011 Educational trip -National Conference on AIDS:  Current Scenario and future challenges 
Biotechnology12th -14th september 2014Educational trip -A DBT sponsored three day workshop on ‘Hands on Animal Cell culture Techniques: Applications in Cellular Biotechnology Study’
Zoology1-Mar-13Trip to 3 Day DBT  sponsored  National Workshop on  Hands on Animal Cell Culture Techniques: Application in Cellular Biotech Study, Ganpat Vidyanagar University , Mehsana, Gujarat