Date: 4th  October, 2017

Venue: Room No C-305

Activity: Demonstration of strawberry cheese cake as a part of guild activity

Coordinators: Ms. Isha Sukhwal,  Dr. Preeti Verma

Demonstration was organized by Department of Home Science on 4th October, 2017.  This activity was opened for all the students of Department of Home Science and COSD students. Fourty students eagerly participated in it. The activity started with the welcome speech which was delivered by Ms. Ruchika Gahlot. In welcome speech a brief introduction of Ragini Soni, who is an expert in making cakes, chocolates, mousses, muffins, brownies, puddings and desserts, was given. She is also adept in making Italian foods and Chinese food. She began the activity with an elaborate explanation of the strawberry cheese cake. She used the ingredients namely, agar agar powder, Philadelphia  cheese, icing sugar, whipping cream, strawberry crush, biscuit crust, butter and corn starch for cake preparation. The strawberry cheese cake was prepared in three layers. Bottom layer was prepared by using biscuit crust and butter. Middle layer was of Philadelphia a cheese, whipping cream and agar agar to set the cream and cheese. The top layer was made of strawberry crust which was set by using corn starch. She also explained the preparation of ganache  and  mousse