Campus Facilities Verify under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Disability is a part of the human condition. It is a complex, dynamic, multidimensional, and contests part of life. There are many types of disability such as physical, visual, hearing, speech, and mental disability. The differently abled face many obstacles in public places, and a University is one such institution. Persons with disabilities face many obstacles when it comes to living a normal life. It becomes very difficult for the differently abled to use public facilities due to lack of accessibility, especially the lack of a ramp which makes it impossible for a wheelchair user to access the University Campus. A barrier-free environment allows the differently abled to exercise independence and enhances accessibility to all facilities and services.

General facilities available for persons with disabilities in the IIS (Deemed to be University)

The general facilities available to persons with disabilities in the University are elaborated in Table 1. The facilities include door width, ramps, threshold, entrance landing adjacent to ramps, entrance, and exit, etc. The dimensions are compared using the standard given by the Guidelines and space standards for the built environment for a disabled and elderly person (Central Public Works Department, Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment in India, 1998).  Accordingly, the standard width of all the entrance doors is 900mm, keeping with the standards for greater ease of movement in the University campus.

Main Block:- The Main Building is flaunted by ramps at the entrance for both Block D and Block E to facilitate movement between Main office, Music room, Medical room, Account section, Office Room and Reception Area. In addition, disabled persons can access the rooms on any floor using the elevator provided in the main building.

CIT Building: - In Order to access the CIT Labs, the AV Hall, and the Fashion & Textile dept labs, a small ramp provides access to an elevator alongside a staircase.

 Block A: - In a similar manner, a ramp allows for easy access to Block A which houses the Zoology, history, Geography and Home Science Departments on Different floors, all of which may be accessed via the elevator on the level of the ramp landing.

Table 1: Facility available for persons with disabilities in the University

S. no.



Sufficient space for wheelchair


Emergency alarm is available


Fire protection and controls are available


Floors are finished by anti-skid material


Sufficient space is available at entry gates                           


Seats are placed in proper and convenient places


Separate counter for disabled


Availability of ramps with durable anti-skid surface


Inclusion of stairs with properly designed handrails together with ramps


Lift Facility available for the disabled person


Special Washroom facility for Disabled Persons in each block

Other than these facilities, the University also provides wheelchair facilities for guests and students who need it. Credit is given to the students who with utter humbleness and efficiency handle the wheelchair of students with disabilities.  The University also provides specially designed courses for physically handicapped students. Also, there is a special system of evaluation and awards for persons with disabilities