Date: 29/5/2020


The Even Semester End Examination of 2020 will commence from June 10, 2020. The Examination will be conducted online and will be based on Multipule Choice Questions as informed earlier. The date sheet will be available on the University website/Metacampus shortly. To familiarise the students with the Online Examination process, a Mock Test will be conducted in the first/ second week of June 2020; the information of which will be sent to all students.

The Examination Forms are available online on the Meta campus account of Regular & Due students . The procedure for filling the Examination Form is given below:

  1. To access their Examination Form, students are required to login to their Meta Campus Account. 

  1. In case the student forgets her metacampus account passward then, she is required to follow the following steps to reset it and fill in the Examination Form:

i.            Open University website ( and click on “Resources For” Tab.

ii.            Click on “Students” Link.

iii.            Click on “Forgot Password”.

iv.            Enter your Enrollment Number, Birth date and e-mail id where your Meta   campus Id and password will be sent immediately. 

v.            Again Click on “Students” link at “Resource for” Tab.

vi.            Click on Login link

vii.            Enter your ID and password sent to you at the mail id given by you.

3-                 After successful login, click on “Examination Form” Tab.   

 4-                 Students are required to check all the details [personal, subject (elective, foundation, add-on) and activity] before submitting the form. In case of any omission / correction / query related to the above fields, they are required to contact Dr. Nisha Yadav, Controller of Examinations in the Examination Cel on 0141-2400747.

5- It is strongly suggested that the parents / guardians of the students should also check the forms thoroughly before submitting the same. It will be assumed that the forms have been submitted with the consent of the parents / guardians of the students.

6- Once all the details given in the form are verified and found correct, students are required to check the I Agree box and press Continue’ button. The students will be directed to ‘PAYMENT NOTIFICATION’ Box.


6 (a) (i) The Examination fee for regular U.G. / P.G. Programmes is Rs. 500/-.

(ii) Students are required to press ‘PAY’ to continue. This will redirect them to the Payment Gateway. Once the payment is successful, they will be directed to their Examination Form with Submission Status ‘Sucessful’.

(iii) A copy of the Form will also be sent to the student’s official e-mail id.


6 (b) Students in Final Year of UG (Semester VI & VIII) & PG Programmes (Semester IV) will take their Due Papers of Semester IV & II along with Regular papers. The Examination fee of Due papers will be charged as given below:

(i) Rs. 500/- per paper (considering C.A. & S.E. as separate papers) in UG Programmes.

(ii) Rs. 600/- per paper (considering C.A. & S.E. as separate papers) in PG Programmes.

(iii) The maximum amount to be collected for the due papers will not exceed Rs. 5000/-

    Students are required to verify the total amount payable towards examination fee for Due Papers. 

6. (c) However, students who are not in the Final Year of UG (Semester IV & VI of BVA & B.Sc./ B.A. B.Ed) & PG Programmes (Semester II) will not be given the Due Exam of Semester II/IV with Regular papers. Such students will appear for their Due papers in the next academic session in the relevant semester. The fee for Due papers of such students is not being charged in this semester.

6. (d)   Students are required to press ‘PAY’ to continue.  They will be redirected to the Payment Gateway for online payment of fee through Credit / Debit Cards and Netbanking. Once the students have made the payment, they should stay on the screen till, they are redirected to Meta campus which will display their ‘Submitted form’ and ‘Transaction Receipt’. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT PRESS ‘REFRESH’ OR ‘BACK’ BUTTON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IF THEY DO SO, THEIR STATUS OF FORM WILL REMAIN “NOT SUBMITTED” EVEN IF THE PAYMENT IS SUCCESSFUL AND THE MONEY WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THEIR ACCOUNT.

            (vi) In case the transaction is successful, students will view the status of their Form as ‘Submitted’ and the payment details on the screen. (A copy of the transaction details will also be sent to the student’s official e-mail id.)

7-     In case of problems related to payment, students may send an email at or contact Mr. Mukesh Agarwal in the University office om 0141-2400160/ 2400161

8. The Library and other Dues (if any), are not being realized with the examination fee. However, students would be required to clear all dues as soon as the University re-opens after the lockdown is lifted.  In case the dues of such students are not clear,their examination result will be withheld.

9. It has also been noted that the University fee for the Academic Session 2019-20 of a number of students is outstanding. All such students are required to pay their fee immediately by NEFT (details are given below):


IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur


















Once the fee is deposited, the transfer details should be sent through email at alongwith the University Enrollment Number. The examination result of such students will be withheld and will be declared only after all Dues are cleared.


9.       The last date for submitting the Examination forms is June 3, 2020. 

Dr. Raakhi Gupta


1. Will I have to fill the Examination form for Even Semester Examination?
Ans. Yes, the Examination forms are available for students on the Metacampus account. Filling the Examination Form is a precondition for taking the Semester End Examination.
2. I am in Final Year (UG/PG). Will I be able to take the exam of due papers along with regular papers in Semester End Examination of June 2020?
Ans. Yes, you will be able to take the exams of Due Papers (both theory and Practical papers) if you are in final year of UG or PG programme. However, those who are not in the final year (Semester IV students/Semester VI students of BVA & B.A. /B.Sc. B.Ed. programmes) will not be given the due exam in June. They will take their Due Exams in next Even Semester.
3. I do not have a Laptop/Desktop. Will I be able to take the exam on my mobile phone?
Ans. You can take the exam on mobile phone also.
4. I live in a remote village where internet connectivity is weak. How will I be able to take online exam?
Ans. Since you can take the exam on your mobile phone also, you can use high speed mobile data (4G) on your phone to take the exam.
5. If there is connectivity failure due to which we have to leave the exam and rejoin later, will the exam start again and will our answers be saved up till that point?
Ans. In case you happen to leave the examination page due to any technical error/ glitch, you can rejoin the exam and all your answers till that point will be saved and you can start the exam from where you left.
6. Will we be sent a guide to take the exam?
Ans. Yes, you will be mailed a step by step guide to take you through the exam: A Mock test will also be conducted prior to the exams to familiarise you with the online exams.
7. Will there be any assistance at the time of taking the Mock test/ Semester end exam? Ans. You will be given helpline numbers to be contacted if in case you face any difficulty while taking the exam.
8. If, for any technical reason, I am unable to appear for a particular exam, will I be able to appear in the same paper again and when?
Ans. In case of any technical error, if a candidate is unable to appear in a particular paper(s), he/she can appear in a pen and paper exam of the same tentatively in the month of August. In such a case, the attempt would still be counted as FIRST attempt and will not affect the merit of the candidate.
9. Our study material is in the hostel and it is unfair to expect us to study the syllabus of a semester on the phones.
Ans. The study material pertaining to the syllabus has been uploaded on the Metacampus by almost all teachers on students’ request. Teachers are even willing to scan and upload study material on request. Please feel free to contact your teacher for any assistance. Online Examination is helping you stay safe by reducing the risk of travelling in public transport and the decision has been made keeping the best interest of students in mind.
10. It would be difficult to attempt 100 Multiple Choice Questions in 120 minutes, as a student may experience some technical glitche/issue.
Ans. Students will be given some extra time (10-15 minutes) to submit the paper beyond two hours. In papers requiring calculations, the duration of the exam will be extended to two and a half hours. 
11. When will the COSD Exams take place?
Ans. COSD exams will be conducted after the Theory and Practical Exam of Elective /foundation papers. The date and mode of exam will be intimated later.
12. Will there be any negative marking?
Ans. No, there shall be no negative marking. For unattempted and incorrect answers, the candidates will be awarded ‘zero’.
13. Will the marks out of 100 be visible to us right after the exam?
Ans. No, the marks shall not be visible to students. Also, the marks out of 100 will be converted and awarded out of 70.
14. Will the exams of Foundation papers be conducted along with the exams of elective papers?
Ans. Yes, the time table will be displayed shortly.