Instructions to Candidates for Semester End Practical Examinations, November 2017


Instructions to Candidates for Semester End Practical Examinations, November 2017

           1.            No candidate will be admitted to the examination room/laboratory 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the practical examination.

2.            The candidates should bring with them their I-Cards, practical records/files and necessary stationery items. No other material should be brought to the examination hall/laboratory.

3.             Candidates are required to sign the attendance sheet at the time of project viva/seminar/synopsis/dissertation and after the commencement of laboratory work failing which she will be marked absent and no marks shall be awarded to her in that paper.

4.            Candidates are not required to write their Roll Numbers or put any other special mark of identification anywhere in the answer book, maps and graph papers. Any violation of this rule will be treated as a case of Unfair Means which may also result in cancellation of the paper for the offender.

5.            The candidates are required to number the answers according to the question paper, wherever applicable.             

6.            No supplementary answer books will be issued to the candidates. They are required to confine their answers to the main answer book only.

7.            The candidates should use each ruled line and should not waste pages. No leaf should be torn out from the answer books.

8.            The candidates are advised to write on both sides of the leaf in the answer book including the last page. Any rough drafting, calculations etc., should be crossed out. These will not be read by the examiner.

9.             Cell phones or any other communication device is strictly prohibited in the examination room. Student found in possession of the same will be registered for a case of ‘Use of Unfair Means’. The Communication device / Cell phone in such a case will be confiscated & will be returned only after the Unfair Means Committee has taken a decision on the case  and after paying the requisite fine .

10.          In case there is a question paper being given for the practical exam, the candidates should write their Roll Numbers on the Question Paper.

11.          Candidates should not carry books, notes or any other paper to the examination room/laboratory, neither should they leave such material in the corridors. The bags are to be kept inside the examination hall/laboratory during the practical exam not left outside in the corridors.

12.          If the candidates are found talking, copying and using unfair means in or outside the examination rooms, they will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of The IIS University.

13.          The candidate cannot leave the examination hall without handing over the answer book to the Invigilator-in-charge.

14.          During the course of the examination, the candidates shall be under the discipline and control of the Centre Superintendent and shall obey all the orders passed by the Superintendent on all the matters relating to the examination.



Dr. Ashok Gupta

Vice Chancellor