Field Visit

Department of Management

Report of Field Visit to Hasanpura Village as part of Community Engagement Service

Coordinators: Dr. Nivedita Singh & Dr. Alka Kataria

Topic: Working of Vermicomposting Units & Social Entrepreneurship

Resource Person: Mr. Omprakash Saini (Agricultural Supervisor), Dr. Vijay Kumar (Assistant Agricultural Officer)

Target Participants: MBA Students

Date: 11th January 2020

Field visit to Hasanpura village, located in Jaipur District, was organized by the Department of Management in coordination with Centre for Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat of IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur on 11th January 2020. The visit was organized with the motive of acquainting the students of MBA regarding the process of vermicomposting on a large scale as part of their community engagement services paper. The resource persons stated that vermicomposting is one of the easiest methods to recycle agricultural wastes and to produce quality compost.  Students were demonstrated how the vermicompost is prepared by using earthworms in vermicomposting bins. The overall visit highlighted the importance of vermicomposting in enhancing plant growth, organic farming, and the avenues it opens for social entrepreneurship.