National Conference on Advances in Food Science, Processing and Safety

Start Date: 
Friday, March 13, 2020
Start Time: 
(All day)
Vinayak Hall



‘Advances in Food Science, Processing and Safety’

Title - ‘Advances in Food Science, Processing and Safety’

Date – 13-14 march 2020


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About the conference  The world is witnessing an escalating challenge in meeting accelerating demands - being driven by both an increasing population and the per capita income growth - for sustainable agriculture. In the face of climate change, population explosion, scarcity or under-utilization of local food resources, our country is  bearing the brunt of the dual burden of malnutrition and the risk of the spread of non-communicable diseases. Therefore, in a bid to overcome these, the role of advances in food science, processing and technology and food safety cannot be ignored. Emphasising sustainablenutrition-sensitive agriculture and advanced food processing technologies, along with food safety practices, will definitely help improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious food and promote a healthy diet for all. The main objective of the Conference, therefore,  is to provide a forum or platform for discussing emerging ideas and technical know-how in the field of food science, processing as well as safety standards towards meeting the need of a growing population and the attendant challenging lifestyle. The Conference seeks to address sustainable means of improving diet through innovations such as fortified foods, use of functional foods, nutrigenomics, use of under-utilized foods and advanced technologies in food processing besides innovative and informative packaging systems. Additionally, it proposes to throw light on food safety, quality assurance, ideal manufacturing practices as also food laws and standards that the food industry needs to follow in order to acquire licenses and survive in today’s competitive world. The Conference will provide an opportunity for an industry–academia interface as well, for future collaborations in the field of food science and processing. Thus, the initiative will bring together leading academicians, food scientists, food technologists, researchers, food industrialists and other related professionals, for sharing their rich and diverse experiences through the course of the Conference.