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The Rotaract Club of IISU aims at an overall development on its students.

The Rotaract club is more than just a community service club. The Rotaract Club, is a member of Rotary International (the worldwide association of more than 250,000 Rotary club). "Rotaract", stands for "Rotary in Action". Rotaract Club of the IIS University is the part of an international network of over 5,000 Rotaract clubs, and serve an important role in this network.
There are 3 types of activities within the Rotaract program that club undertakes: professional development, leadership development, and service project development.

Objectives of the Club

  • To develop professional and leadership skills
  • To emphasize respect for the rights of others based on the recognition of the worth of each individual
  • To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve
  • To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards as well as leadership qualities and vocational responsibility
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and the world
  • To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community 
  • To promote international understanding and goodwill towards people.

Achievements of the club

  •  'BEST NEWCOMER CLUB' at District Conference.


ICG Theatrical Society has been initiated with a view to acquainting students with the finer nuances of theatre and drama. The society organizes lectures, demonstrations by eminent theatre personalities, study tours and conducts drama workshops focusing on different facets of theatre. The key feature of the ICG Theatrical Society is a full length play staged annually.

The ICG Chemical Association was set up in the year 1999 for the enrichment of students and staff of the science faculty. The association emphasized the need to foster excellence and quality in higher education by breaking the barrier of the traditional methods of imparting education. Under the association a number of innovative and beneficial practices have been adopted in the college for the enrichment of staff and students.
  • To develop research aptitude in students
  • To develop a combination of knowledge, skills and competences to promote scientific activity and creative expressions
  • To adopt healthy practices for furthering the cause of higher education
  • To increase awareness and develop an interest among the faculty on applied aspects of chemistry along with training in various analytical tools and technique of study
  • To provide high standard of teaching and training by means of knowledge sharing

4. DEBATING CLUB/ Ellipsis: Academic Literary Guild

Ellipsis: Academic Literary Guild / Debating Club helps students to develop critical thinking skills, public speaking skills, and knowledge of literature and current affairs. This committee also plays a more general role in university life. It provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, learn how to work as part of a team, and to have fun.

Our committee helps students with:
Developing critical thinking skills: We encourage students to think critically about the world around them. They discuss and debate complex issues, which helps them to evolve their ability to analyze information and form their own opinions. 
Improving public speaking skills:
Public speaking is an essential skill for many careers. We come up with opportunities for students to practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment. This helps them to overcome their fear of public speaking and to develop their confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.
Promoting knowledge of literature and current affairs:
We expose students to a wide range of literature and current affairs. This helps students to grow their knowledge of the world around them and to become more well-rounded individuals.
Building community:
We provide students with a sense of community. We offer opportunities for students to meet other students who share their interests, and they provide a forum for students to discuss and debate issues that are important to them.

Annual Report 2022-23

5. CII Yi student's Net -Yuva IISU  Chaupal

Young Indians (Yi) is an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), formed with an objective of creating a platform for Young Indian’s to realize the dream of a developed nation. It grooms students to become the voice of Young Indian’s globally and make them an integral part of the Indian Growth Story. Yi Yuva is the new name for Yi Youth Affairs vertical. Young Indians involves students from schools and colleges by forming “Chaupals” across various institutes around the country. Yi Yuva IIS Chaupal aims to synergize students and their energy for positive action. It provides an opportunity to start thinking and work for India. As a part of this Net, students work in cross-functional teams with a broad objective of enhancing their leadership skills and giving back to the nation. In the process, they get opportunity for self development, skill building, community service and nation building.

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As a joint initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Ministry of Human Resource Development with an aim to make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and to create positive social norms that values the girls and their rights.

In compliance to the UGC Letter No. F.No.91-7/2016 (GS), dated 5 April 2016, the Vice Chancellor had constituted the Gender Champions Club Committee at IIS (deemed to be University) comprising following 7 members and a Nodal Teacher :

  1. Dr. Shelja K. Juneja                 Nodal Teacher
  2. Dr. Smita Purohit                    Member
  3. Dr. Deepshikha Parashar        Member
  4. Dr. Mitali Gupta                     Member
  5. Dr. Monty Kanodia                 Member
  6. Dr. Preeti Agrawat                  Member
  7. Dr. Rajani Gupta                     Member
  8. Ms. Chanda Asani                   Member

Gender Champion Club was started in The IIS University in August 2016 and since then it has conducted various activities on Gender Sensitization through activities like Ted Talk, Guest Lectures, Poster Exhibition, conducting sessions on gender and related issues by making the students meet such bold personalities who have contributed in the society to make people aware of gender issues. The Gender Champions Club has also been actively supported by other departments of the University like Woman Studies, Women’s Cell, NSS & Sociology. In order to sensitize the students on gender issues and with an objective to spread an awareness, the committee undertook various initiatives


  • To facilitate an enabling environment within the institution where girls are treated with dignity and respect.
  • To make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive social norms that value the girls and their rights.
  • Organize awareness programmes on various gender issues.

Following activities were organized during 2023-24

S. NO.












1Guest LectureA session on Postpartum Wellbeing September 29, 2023Kalyan Pura, AnganbariDr. Isha Sukhwal, IIS (Deemed to be University)8NIL View Report


Guest LectureA session on Puberty & Menstrual WellnessAugust 12, 2023Government Senior Secondary School, Heera Path, MansarovarMs. Nitya Choudhary, Unicharm, Rajasthan8NILView Report
3Theatrical PresentationSkit on National Girl Child DayJanuary 24, 2024Government School, Hazariwala--15NILView Report

Following activities were organized during 2022-2023

Following activities were organized during Dec 2021

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Following activities were organized during 2020-21

Following activities were organized during 2019-20

Following activities were organized during 2017-18


The ecofriendly association was constituted in the year 2005. It is a committee working in the field of environmental conservation and awareness. Students and faculty member’s work together to attain the goals of the committee. The major roles & functions of the association are:
1)To organize campaigns like- Save Energy, Clean Campus, etc
2)To create awareness among students on campus, especially regarding the protection of environment through popular lectures and training programmes.
3)To organize excursions and visits to national parks, sanctuaries and research organizations.
4)To create a ‘clean and green consciousness’ among students through various innovative methods.
Activities Conducted during the academic session 2020-21



The literary and debating guild of the University called 'The IVY League' represents the literary and debating talents of IIS (Deemed to be University). It seeks to establish connectivity among students through activities and discussions that are held on a monthly basis which include group discussions, JAM sessions and debates.

The guild thus hones students' communication skills and helps them learn the intricacies of public speaking.



Following activities were organized during 2019-20