Poster making on Hand wash hygiene for all

Health and hygiene go hand in hand. Our hands is one body part which comes in contact with everything around us, thus becoming the perfect carrier for germs and bacterias. Since our childhood days we have listened and even taught in schools to wash our hands before every meal. That's the best practice to follow to stay healthy.

Seeing its importance the whole world celebrates ‘Global Handwashing Day’ on 15th October every year. This year its value increased more. People are still not aware of the importance of clean hands. Either some are deprived of the basic necessities or are just simply ignorant about it.

The Fine Arts Guild of IIS (deemed to be University) in collaboration with Rotary Club Jaipur Gurukul took it as their responsibility to correct this situation and make people aware of hand wash hygiene in all possible ways. A poster making competition was organised on the occasion of ‘Global Handwashing Day’ on 15th October, 2020. The theme for the competition being “Hand Hygiene for All”

The competition was held online through google form where the students of all streams could participate. No medium or expression restrictions. Posters were made with digital illustrations, photographs, some with hand drawn illustrations. Students writing skills got a platform too. A simple message of hand wash was seen in so many different ways. Students showed the whole process of proper hand wash to make people aware of it in the correct manner. Few displayed the importance of hand wash. Some were seen with germs running away from hand wash. Students made all efforts to make each and every person from the little children to adults aware of this little task which can save us from so many diseases.


The competition was judged by our very own Mr. Shwet Goel.