Swacchta Awareness Campaign

Report of Field Visit to Nevta Village


Target Participants:  P.G Students

Number of Beneficiaries: 50

Date:    18 March 2019

One -day field visit to Nevta village, located in Sanganer Tehsil, Jaipur district was organized by the Department of Sociology and Centre for Swachh Bharat-Swastha Bharat on 18 March 2019. The visit was organized with the aim of creating awareness among the villagers regarding various aspects of cleanliness and also to acquaint the students with the problems of rural life.  The students interacted with the women and children in the village and explained various aspects related to health and cleanliness with the help of charts and posters. The students also discussed their sanitation practices. Overall it was a bi-directional learning experience for the students and the villagers. The students were able to understand their problems and showed a commitment to resolve the issues with the help of local resources.