Video making on Hand wash hygiene for all

Applied arts gives us the platform to use all our skills, be it copywriting, software, photography, acting and visualising. In our field it is very important to convey any message in the right manner to the right audience. Visualising the whole outcome and then implementing, executing it in the correct way is what we learn during our education. 


We, at the Fine arts department, keep doing something to nurture the skills of our students. In addition to this process a workshop was conducted on video making. World Handwash day was around the corner and what better time to spread awareness about Hand wash hygiene, its importance and how to even do it right during this pandemic. The workshop on Video Making  on "Hand Wash Hygiene for All"  was conducted on 5th October 2020 on Microsoft Teams. 10 students from Applied Arts participated in it who were guided by Mr. Shwet Goel and Ms. Sheetal Chitlangiya.


This workshop opened up the students' mind towards the importance of a video in communicating a message to a larger audience and in a way which is understood by them. From scriptwriting to the final editing, each detail was shared with them, preparing them for the market in the future. Understanding the angle, frames, lighting required. It impacted their personality too. After a number of retakes and editing the final video was ready for the world to see. In the video students told the right way of washing our hands along with its benefits. They even learnt the technicalities behind creating a video. Uptill now they only saw the final output being played in the market, this time they were the ones behind the scene. It was a fun filled experience for everyone.


At this time when everyone is sitting in different places and working, these students came together and the result was commendable. Their hard work and efforts were visible. Our students added another milestone in their learning journey.