Why Indian Girls Should Consider a Career in IT

Why Indian Girls Should Consider a Career in IT?

Information and technology, being one of the integrals now for every industry, has witnessed a remarkable growth in the recent past, especially the pace at which Indian tech fraternity has prospered.

One thing that makes our jaws drop is the percentage of women working in the IT sector. You’d be surprised to know that only 28% of women are pursuing careers in Information, Communication and Technology sectors, according to a report by the World Bank.

Despite having the best colleges in Jaipur girls’ enrolments are not very great. This is also not because women are less capable than men. The primary reason to this is the percentage of girls dropping out from schools – according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) over 20.1% of girls in Rajasthan, instead of enrolling for the best girls university in Rajasthan, drop out schools.

While other main reasons why girls miss out on getting in the best girls college in Jaipur or elsewhere are as follows:

-    Lack of idols or role models in IT for them to look up to

-    Fear of entering in the male-dominating industry

-    Falsely-made stereotypes

-    Low self-belief and confidence

We, at IIS, a premier and the best girls university in Jaipur, believe in encouraging and empowering women with the adequate skills to help them shine and pursue a career in the field of IT.

Five Important Reasons Why Women Should Actively Pursue Technology-Degree

1.    Technology jobs will be in demand

With new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR and various others creating headlines every day, there are a lot of possibilities for youth in the coming years. Employment in this industry is expected to grow 13% by 2026. This is possibly the right time to join one of the best colleges in Jaipur and learn skills that matter.

2.    High-paying jobs

While securing a tech-degree you not only guarantee a successful future but open a gateway of opportunities with the most high-paying jobs at your disposal. Additionally, you get a chance to work in different sectors including retail, healthcare, automotive, finance, food, travel and many more. So what holds you back, get in touch with the premier girls university in Rajasthan to get job-ready.

3.    Meaningful design and development

As an IT professional, you get a chance to transform the world with creative and innovative digital solutions that solve various life problems, make lives of normal people easier and keep everyone connected and close to each other like never before. All of this demands proper teaching, hence research well to find the best girls university in Rajasthan.

4.    Immense work-from-home opportunities

The field of IT offers flexibility. You get an advantage of flexible working hours, work-from-home tasks, telecommunicating and much more. This makes it easy to blend personal and professional lives.

5.    Become a change-maker and role model for others

With an IT-degree, you can transform ideas into reality, change the way operations are carried out in an enterprise or potentially create solutions that bring a difference to the society. So why not contribute to the world and be a role model for other girls who still fear to enter the male-dominated IT industry.

Make a Career in IT with Us

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