Workshop on Basics of Recording Techniques

Workshop on Basics of Recording Techniques


Type of Event: Workshop

Date: 11-12 March, 2020

Venue: FM Studio, ISIM Campus

Name of Resource person :  Mr. Jinu George , Music Teacher, St.Xavier’s School, Jaipur,

No. of Participants/Beneficiaries: 17 students

Name of the activity Coordinator: Dr. Ruchi Jain


Objective of the workshop/seminar/activity: To make the students learn about the basic techniques of Vocal Recording in Music Studio. Workshop taught the skills needed to start a career as an audio recording engineer, music producer or live sound engineer. These same skills are also vital for someone who wants to create their own music with full artistic control over how things will sound. The workshop was designed to accommodate students from a wide variety of backgrounds - musician or non-musician.  Workshop was helpful for students with a sincere passion to learn the recording arts. Workshop covered wide range of skills and knowledge involved in audio recording and music production.

The following features were highlighted:

Digital workstation and analog console operation, microphone selection and placement, tracking session setup and workflow, vocal comp and tuning, post-production, mixing, re-mixing, mastering, sound design, restoration Music business practices, live sound reinforcement, studio acoustics and design - were a few of the broader topics discussed in the workshop. The Recording Workshop provided beginners to intermediate level information about studio.

Outcome of the workshop:

A good number of students learned about the techniques of Music and Vocal Recording in Music Studio. It enhanced the recording skills of the budding singers which would have definitely helped them to groom themselves as a professional singer.